Monday, August 30, 2010

Cleaning your personal space!!

With ironed shirts having lost their crease, trousers having lost their shine, pyjamas and t-shirts having developed lint and other bare essential clothes stuffed within one another, cleaning my almirah was an ordeal this time!

With chocolate wrappers, stained barista bills smelling of caffeine, shopping bills still having the price tag intact, my locker had been the storage for everything small or large. With the faded aroma of greeting cards and hand written notes, credit cards, unused paper napkins from restaurants, bits of photographs and the associated nostalgia - gosh! what a mess.. All this seems a task, especially after a long day's workout and having my neurons cry for mercy! God, I am hungry!

Rahul Arora

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  1. tell me about it. my cupboard door is broken for months now. i thought i'll atleast organise my clothes before calling someone to fix the door.,,,and that was some 6 months ago..but thats just not happening.

    once you are done, come over and organise mine too please.