Monday, September 20, 2010

Lets Solve Together...

Getting involved with too many things at the same time and you tend to lose focus! It gets really important to set the priorities right and maintain the right balance between things, and this involves the right work-pleasure balance as well.

For the past several months, I was trying to sort out a lot of things, both professionally and personally. Having started on with too many things at the same time gives you a momentary high but at the same times gives you the immense pressure to live up to everyone's expectations, including doing justice to all the projects you got yourself involved in, and you get a reality shock when you come out of the "hangover" phase. With and having started showing results, it's time for to start running on the highway.

With only 14 days left before the take off, demands an excess of my involvement in making it a success with all the major planning yet to be done. With the content being revised and finalized, the website design still remains a challenge. And once that is done, which I am sure it will be well before the deadline, another task will be to promote it, organizing seminars and webinars, meeting people and the one's who actually need us to "solve IT together" with them. However, the major question still remains: what is this project about? is a website through which we plan to target people who need us. It's about people. It's about those who are baffled by life's challenges and find themselves clueless of where to go next. It's about people needing assistance in deciding for their lives, whether in terms of making the right career move, taking the right relationship decisions, dealing with pressure (parental pressure, peer pressure) etc. It's about those who have the right mix of talent and a flair to excel in life, just that it remains unexplored due to various reasons such as lack of confidence, unwillingness of parents to let them take their own decisions, lack of resources, etc. It's about making people realize their worth and their potential, which, over the years has been lost, due to various social and parenting issues. aims to help people who get daunted by the unkind and fierce face of life and get into depression; at times, suicidal. We are here to make people aware of various social and "sensitive" issues such as pre-marital pregnancy, awareness about sex and dealing with the same, something we would like to call as "youth awareness". There are a lot of other social causes and issues we will be providing help with, making the younger generation more powerful in their thinking and their approach towards life, educating them with what's what and giving them the right advice in dealing with difficult situations and making them more confident.

This is one project which will always remain close to my heart. Thank you Kiran Didi (short for Kalpana Jaggi, she's my cousin based in New York) for sharing this wonderful idea, we shall surely make it a success. Another 14 days to go for the website launch. So people, check out this space for further updates.

Rahul Arora

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  1. Wow. You certainly have your hands full, don't you? Btw, how are you associated with all of these? I mean emagespro, webconbiz and letssolvetogether?

  2. is a venture between my cousin and me. We will be promoting it once the website is up and running. I am sure you will find it very interesting. Remain on this page with me, just a few more days to go.

    For emagespro and webcombiz, I am taking care of complete business deveopment, website designing, content writing, search engine optimization and online marketing. They are one of my friend's ventures. Pretty interesting I must say.