Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can i buy my past?

How about buying back a part of my past? I have money. I can write a cheque. Will that help?

Can I buy back the time when the rat race for life was unheard of, where you could spend hours with your friends playing hide n seek in the dark till 11 in the night, when we would fight with each other on who will be the next one to bat, and then run away with the bat and let no one play, when we would go cycling with our friends traveling to places where we were not allowed to. Can I buy back the time when earning money and settling down was laughed at, when there were no client calls, no presentations, when we can sing, dance and shout at the top of our voices without people staring and giving us weird looks.Our first outstation trip, our first movie with friends, the first time we kissed, the first time we fell in love... these are all the glorious moments which are there in our hearts forever, with no monetary value but a HUGE emotional value. Can I, PLEASE, buy it back?

The attached nostalgia with the times spent leaves a kind of sweet pain in your hearts. Something which you'd like to get back to, but knowing that it can't be brought back. Probably that's what describes life, and it's all about moving on, maybe for the better...

Rahul Arora

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